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Your go to mortgage company near Round Top, TX, celebrating its 26th year in business.  In order to assure consumers are finding the best Round Top mortgage rates it’s important to shop around.  We encourage Round Top consumers to compare so they can see on paper how good we really are.  It’s common misconception for Round Top borrowers to think popular lenders and banks offer a better mortgage.  This couldn’t be further from the truth, always know our Round Top wholesale mortgage rates are lower.  A wholesale rate equals a lower payment, saving thousands over the life of the mortgage.  Work with a local mortgage company near Round Top, TX and enjoy the savings of a wholesale mortgage.

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When it comes to Round Top, TX home loan options we have them all.  Every day Round Top welcomes new home buyers while current residents refinance their homes. Home Buyer Options Home buyers with good credit are settling for our conventional loan with 3% down, some opt to keep the savings in the bank and get a Round Top, TX home buyer grant to cover the down payment.  Our fair and bruised credit borrowers like the Round Top FHA mortgage option, programs start with lower credit scores and FHA grant options are still an option pending FICO scores. Refinancing Options When it comes to refinancing your Round Top, TX home you have options.   Rate and term, cash out, and debt consolidation are all common reasons to refinance a home.  When mortgage rates drop consumers refinance to a lower rate to save on their payment.  Some consumers who have adjustable rate mortgage loans refinance into a fixed rate.  Those looking to pay off the mortgage faster will often refinance to a shorter term, example from a 30 year fixed rate to a 15 year fixed or even a 10 year fixed term.  When consumers are feeling the stress of high interest credit card debt a debt consolidation refinance might be the right option.  Paying off high interest debt into a low 30 year fixed rate makes for the ultimate stress reliever.  Round Top residents are also taking cash from their equity to invest in other properties, take a well needed vacation, or even pay for college tuition. Mortgage experts near Round Top, TX are standing by and ready to help.  Connect with a licensed Round Top home loan specialist, ask questions, see if you qualify, and get free quotes. Call (888)416-0920

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We are the #1 rated mortgage company near Round Top, TX.  Regardless of what a consumer thinks, Round Top, TX Mortgage Brokers offer a wholesale rate and lower costs.  Going directly to the bank or a mortgage lender is not a better option.  If you are in doubt, it is always a good idea to get a couple of quotes and compare them.  If you still don’t understand the difference between wholesale and retail mortgage rates call (888)416-0920.  A Round Top, TX Mortgage Broker will be able to offer you more programs.  Banks and Lenders have set mortgage guidelines including set credit score limits.  Mortgage Brokers in Round Top, TX can work with all types of credit scores.

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    Round Top is an extinct volcano in the Berkeley Hills, just east of Oakland, California. The peak lies entirely within the bounds of Contra Costa County. In 1936, the area surrounding the peak was established as Round Top Regional Park, one of the first three parks of the East Bay Regional Parks District. The park was renamed Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve for the second president of the park district (1948 to 1958), Robert Sibley, shortly after his death in 1958.

    The eruptions that lead to Round Top started 10.2 Million years ago[2] and ended more than a million years later.[3] Two main vents of the old volcano are known, one is now under the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the other is Round Top. The Round Top vent has, over the years, fallen sideways.[4]

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