Collinwood, TN First Time Homebuyer

Hundreds of first time homebuyers across Collinwood, TN are ready for home ownership.  Securing the right home loan doesn’t have to be hard, we have solutions for less than perfect credit and even those with little savings or down payment. To help first home buyers overcome challenges we offer more programs and the extra benefit of wholesale rates.  We simplify the home buying challenges presented by 2024 Collinwood mortgage guidelines. Our mission is to get you approved and into your home with payments you can afford. Even if you think you won’t qualify, our highly trained specialists will work with you closely on an individual basis to:

  • Review your finances to find a payment you can afford.
  • Improve your credit score if needed to qualify.
  • Obtain pre-approval to shop for the home of your dreams.
  • Secure a loan and purchase your new home!

First Time Homebuyer Options

First time homebuyers in Collinwood, TN have so many options.  With a CONVENTIONAL or FHA mortgage, borrowers can buy with as little as 3% down.  For those who still lack the down payment check out our First Time Homebuyer Grant.  For Veterans (VA loan) or those looking to buy in rural areas (USDA Loan) we have no money down options.  New Alternative mortgage programs in 2024 give homebuyers the option to qualify even with bank statements.  First time homebuyer experts are standing by near Collinwood, TN and ready to help.  Connect with a licensed first time homebuyer specialist, ask questions, see if you qualify, and get free quotes. Call (888)416-0920

Mortgage Brokers near Collinwood, TN

When it comes to Collinwood, TN home loans, Mortgage Brokers have more options.  Regardless of what a consumer thinks, Collinwood Mortgage Brokers offer a wholesale rate and lower costs.  Going directly to the bank or a mortgage lender is not a better option.  If you are in doubt, it is always a good idea to get a couple of quotes and compare them.  If you still don’t understand the difference between wholesale and retail mortgage rates call (888)416-0920.  A Collinwood, TN Mortgage Broker will be able to offer you more programs.  Banks and Lenders have set mortgage guidelines including set credit score limits.  Mortgage Brokers in Collinwood can work with all types of credit scores.

Working around Credit Issues with Top Rated Specialists

The Collinwood home mortgage team is celebrating its 26th year in business.  Our experience allows for consumer mortgage confidence especially with first time home buyers.  We navigate consumers through the mortgage process,  explain options and find what choice works best for you.

Get on the Path to Home Ownership. We got your Back!
First Home Buyers Collinwood, TN
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    First Homebuyer Benefits in Collinwood, TN

    • Little to no money down
    • Wholesale mortgage rates
    • Bruised credit excepted
    • Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Short Sales Okay
    • Grants for down payment
    • Gift Funds Allowed

    Find your First Home Loan near Collinwood, TN (888)416-0920.

    Collinwood is a historical area on the East Side of Cleveland, Ohio. Originally a village in Euclid Township, it was annexed by the city in 1910. Collinwood grew around the rail yards of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway (now CSX) and is divided by these same tracks into the neighborhoods of North Shore Collinwood and Collinwood–Nottingham. Collinwood was identified as one of America’s Best Secret Neighborhoods by Travel + Leisure in 2008.[3]

    The neighborhood’s most infamous incident antedates its annexation by Cleveland. On Ash Wednesday, March 4, 1908, Collinwood was the site of an event known as the Collinwood School Fire, at Lakeview Elementary School.[4] One of the deadliest school fires in American history, 172 children, two young teachers, and one rescuer died in the fire after being trapped in stairwell vestibules. Originally, the students were thought to be trapped because doors to the school opened inward, but the coroner’s report indicated that the doors did indeed open outward. While some of the children died from burns and smoke inhalation, most were either crushed or suffocated in the frantic attempt to escape the building. Those killed in the fire who could not be identified were buried in a mass grave in Cleveland’s Lakeview Cemetery. National building standards requiring that doors in public buildings open outward were already in effect, and the fire did result in a trend towards municipalities nationwide adopting policies of school inspections and enforcing stricter building codes.[4]

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